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Receive Up to $500 Credit at Closing for EACH Referral you Provide!!!*

We're all interested in saving money, and Real Estate is certainly no exception.  My Friends and Family referral program is designed to help offset the real estate commission you would otherwise pay in a real estate transaction.   Conceivably, you can buy or sell a home, and have me work for free!!!  

Whether you are buying or selling a home, here's an opportunity to receive up to $500* for EACH referral you make that closes on a real estate transaction using me as their realtor.

It's just that simple!  Simply give one of my business cards to a friend or family member and have them contact me to assist with their real estate transaction.  When THEY close on their property, whether buying or selling, YOU will receive a $500* credit at your closing.  

Your credit will be applied toward the purchase or sale of your next real estate transaction, and will be applied at the closing of your property.


*A credit of $500 will be given for each referral that has closed prior to you closing on your property.  All credits will be issued when you act as the principal in a real estate transaction, whether as a buyer or seller.  The credit you receive at closing is limited to the dollar amount which would otherwise be paid to me as your broker and applies to all transactions over $100,000.